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Tips to visit in Limoges


Limoges, porcelain city

Is Limoges nice to visit, and what are the sights in this porcelain city in the Limousin? Limoges (135,000 inhabitants) is located about 35 kilometers from Camping du Lac and is worldwide known for the porcelain that is made here. There are various spots where you can learn everything about the world famous porcelain, how it is made and why the clay from the area is so special.

A city walk in Limoges takes you past most of the sights. It is a route of 7 kilometers from la gare Bénédictines. This almost a century old station is also the first attraction.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we've collected some photos and videos of the most popular places to visit in Limoges below.

Places to visit

Gare Bénédictines

This monumental station is almost 100 years old (since 1929). Also, don't forget to look up inside for the ornaments and the stained glass windows. Fun fact: the clocks on the tower are 2 minutes ahead to avoid delays by travelers. The station can also be seen in the opening scene of an advertising spot for perfume Chanel N°5.

Aquarium du Limousin

This aquarium has been set up on a small scale with 200,000 liters of water, but that is precisely why it is interesting. Fun and educational for both children and adults, even when the weather is not so good.

Cathedrale St-Etienne

Beautiful example of Gothic architecture and surrounded by a large botanical garden.

Quartier de la Boucherie

This is the old butcher's quarter of Limoges. The roads slope down a bit so that the blood could easily flow away at the time. Today, the distinctive facades of the many houses are the setting for terraces and small shops. According to many, this is the most pleasant part of Limoges :-)

Manufacture Bernardaud

This is where porcelain is made for the most exclusive restaurants in the world. There is a shop with all kinds of porcelain and a porcelain museum with an art exhibition.

City walk Limoges

A city walk of 7 kilometers along all the sights of Limoges. La gare Limoges-Bénédictins is the start and end point of this route.

Musée National Adrien Dubouché

This museum houses the second richest collection of ceramics in France. About 10,000 pieces are on display. On the basis of this, an insight is given into the history, technique and production of pottery and porcelain.


Also interesting in Limoges

Parc Zoo Reynou

Castle surrounded by landscaped gardens and a beautiful animal park with 130 animal species including large mammals and birds. Very spacious with lots of space for the animals and beautiful hiking trails.
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Jardin botanique de l'Evêché

The Bishop's Gardens is a municipal park adjacent to the Saint Etienne Cathedral and the Museum of Fine Arts. The gardens are approximately 5 hectares in size. They are divided into a French garden and a large botanical garden. The historic garden has 1500 plant species. You can walk beautifully.
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Musée des beaux arts

The Museum of Fine Arts of Limoges is nestled in the middle of the gardens of the former episcopal palace. It is suitable for all ages and has a rich and varied collection; this ranges from Egypt, thanks to a private donation of 2,000 pieces, to the history of the city since the Augustorite from the Gallo-Roman era, but also modern art.
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