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This region, the Haute Vienne department, is often skipped by holidaymakers on their way to the south of France. Fortunately ;) Because the charm comes from the quiet and friendly character. No crowds of tourists or crowded beaches here.

Because not all places of interest in the area are easy to find online, we have already listed a few personal tips for you. These are places and / or restaurants where we like to go ourselves.

Personal tips


Waterfall near old pumping station

Via some small stairs you come to a beautifully situated waterfall, with picnic tables at the river. This water flows to Lac st. Hélène at the campsite.


Attractive restaurant

A restaurant for lovers of good Limousin steak. Jules and Françoise have their own wine cellar, Also for tastings.


360 degree panorama

Nice view all around the Limousin at an old ruin. Along the path up there are beautiful thick 'fairytale' trees.


Restaurant at home

A cozy restaurant at home with a large terrace on the water. Karen is an experienced hostess and you can taste it. Do make a reservation.


Climbing park in forest

Of all the climbing parks in the area, we find this one the most spectacular. Course at different levels with heights up to 16m!


Monument of June 10, 1944

Impressive monument of the massacre of June 14, 1944. You walk through the village as it was left at the time.


Water sports lake

Almost 10 km² large reservoir with a nice route around the lake of 30 km, suitable for mountain bikes. Island with watchtower.



There is a small market every week on the village square of Bujaleuf. In the summer months there are also often night markets and broccantes organized in St. Leonard de Noblat and Eymoutiers (15 km from the campsite). However, due to Covid-19, this will be limited or adjusted in 2021.

Below sights or excursions in the Limousin in the area of Bujaleuf. Lots of fun!



L’Espace Paul Rebeyrolle

This spacious and bright 1000 m² art center houses a permanent collection of more than 80 works from 1948 to 2005, among the most significant of Rebeyrolle's work. The collection has grown over time and presents throughout the year, through revolving displays, paintings and sculptures in impressive formats, in which all the senses and all the generosity of materials are expressed.
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museum eymoutiers paul rebeyrolle



Musée National de la porcelaine

This museum houses the second richest collection of ceramics in France. About 10,000 pieces are on display. Based on this, an insight is given into the history, technology and production of earthenware and porcelain.
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Parc Zoo Reynou

Castle surrounded by landscaped gardens and a beautiful animal park with 130 animal species including large mammals and birds. Very spacious with lots of space for the animals and beautiful hiking trails.
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tips en bezienswaardigheden in Limousin dierenpark reynou

Jardin botanique de l'Evêché

The Bishop's Gardens is a municipal park adjacent to the Saint Etienne Cathedral and the Museum of Fine Arts. The gardens are approximately 5 hectares in size. They are divided into a French garden and a large botanical garden. The historic garden has 1500 plant species. You can walk beautifully.
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Cathedrale de Limoges

This cathedral is known as a fine example of Gothic architecture. Striking in the cathedral are the Renaissance-style rood screen and the tomb of Bishop Jean de Langeac, where scenes from the Apocalypse are engraved. This cathedral is surrounded by a large botanical garden.
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tips en bezienswaardigheden in Limousin kathedraal Limoges

Musée des beaux arts

The Museum of Fine Arts of Limoges is nestled in the middle of the gardens of the former episcopal palace. It is suitable for all ages and has a rich and varied collection; this ranges from Egypt, thanks to a private donation of 2,000 pieces, to the history of the city since the Augustorite from the Gallo-Roman era, but also modern art.
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Aquarium du Limousin

The aquarium in Limoges is very small compared to the large aquariums in modern zoos, but that's exactly what makes it special. It feels like a night dive with cute seahorses, lobsters and strange blind creatures in Mexican caves along the way.
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St Leonard de Noblat

Médiévales de St Leonard de Noblat

Saint Léonard de Noblat is a charming medieval town that has preserved its rich architectural heritage. Walking through small squares and alleys, you will discover beautiful old houses and also a magnificent Romanesque collegiate church from the 11th and 12th centuries, elevated by a remarkable bell tower.
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Train à vapeur de Limousin

The steam train runs to Eymoutiers and passes 7 tunnels and several bridges and viaducts. There is also a stop at the small station of Châteauneuf / Bujaleuf. In addition, there is a small railway museum at St Leonard de Noblat (Historail) with information on the history of the Limousin railways.
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Le Moulin du Got

Moulin du Got is an old paper mill from 1522 that operated until World War II on the River Tard, at the mouth of the Vienne. The mill was restored in 2003 and re-opened as a museum. The whole process of producing a piece of paper can be seen.
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