vrienden camping du lac de bujaleuf

Valentine quiz 2021


Is our love mutual?

We love all our (future) guests! But in every relationship you sometimes have doubts. So do we. Is our love mutual? After this quiz you will know!

After 7 questions you will see if we have a match, it is very simple. For each question, choose the photo that suits you best. Bon courage and thanks for participating!

Who was there first?

Euh .. this question is not very important, they are both there ;)

City of love?

Although not at the campsite, we feel a little more at that one tower ...

mass tourism or a quiet beach?

What do you prefer during your vacation?

French breakfast, a Kaiser roll or just rusk?

What do you get out of bed for in the morning?

Spacious around you or close together?

Do you like being in nature or do you like asphalt and concrete?

Auf wiedersehen, au revoir or Hoşçakal?

What do you think sounds better?

Clear way or walking pace towards the south?

Which road do you prefer to drive on?

Valentijn quiz 2021 EN

OH OH, a doubt ...

We are sorry, but the test does not give a hundred percent certainty whether you can have a nice holiday at Camping du Lac de Bujaleuf. You can always try it, maybe start with a few days first?

SOB, this hurts!

Looks like we're not a match. If you have filled in everything honestly, it might be better that we don't see each other this summer at Camping du Lac de Bujaleuf. No hard feelings ..


Can you feel them too, those butterflies in your stomach? This is going to be all right. You will love it at Camping du Lac de Bujaleuf and we hope you can stay a tad long! Lots of love and à bientôt.

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