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reconfinement haute vienne

France has been in a reconfinement (new lockdown) since the end of October. We realize all too well how difficult this must be for people who live in an apartment on the 3rd floor in the city. In that respect, the Limousin is pretty much the best place to sit out a confinement. But even à la campagne (countryside) you experience the consequences of restriction in freedom. It does something to you, whether you like it or not.

I read somewhere that it is very human to suddenly want to do all kinds of things in situations like this. Especially things that are therefore not possible because of the measures. Do you recognize that? And when you realize that it is not allowed or possible, you just go to Netflix (done that) or respond to your housemates with a short fuse (been there). That does not work. At least, it doesn't work for me! Maybe it does for you?

The campsite is closed, so apart from some promotional activities, it is not very time consuming. But we've found something else to get through the winter months: picking up on old hobbies.


Marian has converted a guest room upstairs into a sewing studio. It is a mess of fabrics and patches with which she keeps making new things. After she finished the homemade Christmas cards (end of October, haha), she has now embarked on a Christmas project that needs a little more time. I can't tell you what, because then the children will know and it should remain a surprise. Anyway, it is good for her mood, because I regularly hear her sing along with the radio.


I myself have taken up sports 100% again and that feels good! Exercise every day to build up some lost muscle mass and fitness. I do that outside while walking the dogs, but also inside the barn where I have some old fitness equipment. Once bought for a few euros at a broccante (with a head shaking spouse next to me). But now it comes in handy!

And when we want to rest, the animals require attention and care. Especially Bo, a Malinois puppy, demands time. Rightly so. Marian likes to teach her all kinds of tricks. There is not yet a burning hoop she has to jump through. I'm more of the practical commands you need every day. We use clicker training as demonstrated by Edwin Frakking in various Youtube videos . Some of the videos are translated in English. It's a lot of fun and the dog learns amazingly fast (no stocks).

I can recommend it to everyone, provided you have a dog eh ;) As a part-time web designer I would like to say that the Frakking family is a textbook example of content marketing. It is therefore full of dog toys that we ordered there, haha. Doing well!

Mike & Marian

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