Metamorphosis week


You camp in your own tent, caravan or motorhome in the Limousin, the green heart of France. During a full week you will work under the intensive supervision of Mike, your personal trainer with 15 years of experience. 6 times a day Marian provides a delicious meal or snack in between. Experience an unforgettable holiday and enjoy the result!

Personal training in France

This is what participants say

"This week was a real boost for me. The experience that I can handle a tough workout 3 times a day motivates me to continue. I will certainly use the recipes at home."
"It was a wonderful week. The tranquility of the area was wonderful, in addition to the delicious food and the beautiful view. Thanks for everything!"
"You will be amazed at the speed of your results with a personal trainer right beside you you!"


Such an intensive program is quite expensive. The location, food & drink fully catered for and 3 times a day training and coaching. Everything is arranged for you, it really is a moment for yourself. Surely you deserve that?

Because you participate in a small group of up to 5 people, we are able to keep the costs limited.

€650,- with max. 5 participants
  • Own camping pitch incl. electricity on our campsite
  • Participation together with max. 4 other participants
  • Choice between two levels of intensity
  • Less costs and a fixed start date
  • All meals, drinks and snacks included.
  • Intensive mental and physical guidance, experienced trainer.
  • Guaranteed results, reborn and bursting with energy back!
1050,- per week individually


Peter & Margriet
"Transforming our lifestyle radically in such a short time has worked out very well for us! Together in France we lost nearly 12 kg and 17 cm less belly. We feel a lot fitter and will certainly continue this at home!"

'A holiday to remember'


The basis of my sporting career was laid in America, at the time the mecca for fitness-minded people! During the training, I received a special certificate of 'Outstanding Performance'. In addition, I was also a certified sports masseur (ESPO). This is especially useful if you have specific complaints or injuries.

Besides vitality and a healthy body, sport has brought me more. Self-confidence, knowledge of my own limits, self-awareness and stress resistance. I am driven when it comes to make you reach your goals.

"When you successfully complete your metamorphosis, my goal is also achieved!"

Mike (53)
personal trainer


This year (2020) we have 2 levels, so that you are with like-minded people. Achieving a goal in such a short time requires a lot of effort. Both mentally and physically it will sometimes be quite tough.

To properly assess whether the training is suitable for you, we first have a telephone intake. During this interview we also discuss your wishes and personal goals. Of course there is also time for your questions.

Yes, the group weeks are already in the agenda and have a fixed start date.

You must arrange transportation to our location in France yourself. There is a cheap Flixbus service to Limoges, and the train (TGV) is also an option. We are happy to pick you up from the station, no problem. Own transport is of course also possible.

Overall, you can assume that we will undertake an activity 3 times a day. Sometimes short and intensive, sometimes longer and calmer. This really depends on your goals and current condition. Apart from further coaching, there will be time enough to enjoy the surroundings. It is beautiful here, especially in the spring!

No boring fitness training in a gym. The Metamorphosis is a very varied process, whereby we are mostly outside in the environment. For the metamorphosis group week we take many beautiful walks and we do exercises on the road. We use some tools for some sessions. Because of the structure and game elements you will really appreciate the training.

Not everyone will like to be alone from home. It is therefore possible to take someone with you, someone who can assist you during your metamorphosis. You can also follow the program together with a friend. We charge an adjusted rate for your support or co-participant. Feel free to ask.

This is very specific and depends on the nature of your injury. During the intake it will become clear whether your injury can be an obstacle to participation.

Real objectives differ per person and depend on your current condition. A weight loss of 5 to 15 kg, a clear condition improvement (less out of breath) or a reduction in your abdominal circumference of 10 to 15 cm are possible within 2 to 4 weeks. Moreover, you will feel more energetic than ever!

'The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you are willing to do for it'


Are you not satisfied with your figure? Without a doubt you have already tryed to do something about it. Maybe it went well initially, but in the end it turned out to be a disappointment ... You're not the only one! Please stop unnecessary counting of calories. No more unhealthy crash diets! It is time for a different approach. Something you will enjoy, something you can be proud of later.

Are you between 25 and 55 years old, are you overweight and is it time for a change? Then book a Metamorphosis! The only risk you are taking is that you will regret that you have not participated before.

Personal training in France
Data group weeks 2020

These are the dates of the group weeks. The Metamorphosis week level 1 is at the entry level, everyone can participate. Level 2 is more intensive and is meant for more experienced athletes.

  • Groupweek level 1 from april 25 to may 2
  • Groupweek level 2 from may 2 to may 9
  • Groupweek from may 9 to may 16
Individual Metamorphosis

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