blog kleinschalige camping aan meer in Limousin - Frankrijk

Late summer in France

Now that the high season has ended, we look back with satisfaction on a few incredible months. The chickens are also happy and (while most of the guests have left) start laying eggs now. As if they consciously waited for this moment;)

More than 420 families visited Camping du Lac this summer. Merci! Among them were some large families with many children, very recognizable to us. But also couples who went camping together for the first time. It was a nice mix of beautiful people and nationalities. There were even Russians at the campsite!

Perhaps I should add that this Russian nationality was represented by our son's girlfriend, who came to visit for a few days to help us out. Those days turned into weeks, and they also organized a soirée pizza . The homemade wood oven (Mike was bored in lockdown) is now under overhaul. The oven performed so well that even the bottom of the oven began to smolder! Fortunately, this was only towards the end of the evening. Phew...

Due to the great demand, we often had to put up the sign 'COMPLET' at the barrier. We now had to disappoint guests who could normally drive into the campsite without a reservation to choose a pitch. Désolé, everything is different this year . So it was full, all available places were taken. We could not have dreamed that, especially after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

So busy, but fortunately no large groups of people close together or other crazy things. Everything was kept within limits and safe. Marian put a lot of time and energy into cleaning and this was noticed and appreciated by the guests. One of the guests even called her a maniaclean . Haha, we take it as a compliment. We are proud thatt this is mentionned in many reviews!

Because we want to keep the campsite just as safe and clean again next season, the number of pitches will be permanently reduced to 55 (instead of 75). We have redrawn the pitches for maximum space and shade. The number of powersupply-points is also expanded so that you do not need more than 25m of cable for a connection. We are also looking at whether the existing 'French' toilets can be converted into normal toilets, which saves a short walk in the evening.

The new plan will be ready at the end of September and we will send it to everyone on our mailing list (you can subscribe here).

Don't feel like waiting? Late summer in Bujaleuf at a reduced low-season rate is still possible until October 4. Do check the travel restrictions that are introduced in various European countries.

And finally, were you our guest this summer and would you like to leave another review for Camping du Lac? You can do this in 3 different ways via this link.

Mike & Marian