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hospitalization in France

ziekenhuis opname in Frankrijk

Marian had had some vague complaints for a few weeks and had attacks of fever at night. When the doctor couldn't offer a solution after some blood tests and other investigations, she sent us to the Urgence (emergency room) for an in-depth examination. No appointment needed, you can walk right in.

We wanted to be ahead of the crowds and were already there at 8 am. Unfortunately a little too early, we were not only ahead of the crowds, but also the staff. In the waiting room, someone was lying on a stretcher with a fresh leg fracture. It is better to wait until 9 am with a traffic accident. Fortunately, the nursing staff trickled in one by one and an hour later we were able to register.

Marian got a seat in another waiting area and I was sent away. An hour later she was allowed to take a seat a little further down the hall. and then again a little further on. It was reminiscent of the Disneyland queues. Friendly people everywhere too. Only the signs with 'from here another hour and a half' were missing.

CHU ziekenhuis Limoges

The CHU in Limoges is an academic hospital where healthcare specialists are trained. This means that quite a lot of people are busy around your bed, always under the supervision of an experienced doctor in the field, of course. The boss. Last summer, when I had a sawing accident with my finger, a whole team of young people in white coats were summoned. My arm was numb and was behind some sort of splash screen, I couldn't see or feel it. One student took turns 'doing something' behind that screen. Sometimes the boss gave a compliment, sometimes he suddenly raised his hand and shouted 'Non non non, oh la-la! Pas comme ça...'. Afterwards, they gave each other a high-five. True story...

Anyway, after the pictures there were some blood tests and in the afternoon it became clear that Marian had to be hospitalized for a few nights. They have investigated every possible cause and no expense has been spared. This enormous determination has pleasantly surprised us. The few nights turned into a few weeks and Marian was only allowed to go on leave on weekends. Never longer than 48 hours, that seems to have something to do with the insurance. On Monday mornings you see many patients returning from their weekend away, complete with trolleys.

All in all an exciting time. Kudos to the CHU Limoges crew for their thorough and professional approach! There is really only one small thing that is missing: taste in the dishes! Everything tastes neutral, zero flavour. We heard stories of people having a steak with a glass of red wine, but on inquiry it turned out to be in the private clinic next to the hospital. A jar of Aromat smuggled in brought the solution.

The diagnosis 'Maladie des griffes du chat' has now been established. The cat scratch disease. We had never heard of it. It is a bacteria that can be transmitted by cats with their sharp nails. This is not illogical, since we have taken care of 4 kittens (from stray cats) this summer. Then you sometimes get scratched. Marian has received a double cure and is allowed to continue sick at home. There is still a small uncertainty in the diagnosis, but for now we are sticking to it and we hope that things will get better soon.

Mike & Marian