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It is clear that the 2020 camping season in France will look very different from previous years. We are writing this blog on Sunday May 10, but tomorrow the situation may have changed again.

We get a lot of questions about the corona measures and whether it will soon be possible for English people to spend their holidays in France. In addition to French newspapers and news sites, we also follow reports in the foreign media. We noticed two articles about France because of the difference in the headlines above it. We read 'Definitely opportunities for summer holidays in France'. But also 'Who still wants to go to France without a beach or restaurant?'. We can imagine that you cannot make any cheese from it (this is a Dutch expression ;). Therefore, we will clarify some facts and measures of this moment.

Here, too, there was a press conference in which Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe announced the plan for 'le deconfinement'. When reopening the economy, the focus is on companies and schools, in order to be able to restart normal life slowly. All departments are divided into colors. In the coming week, the lifting of restrictions will be about the same for everyone, but in the coming weeks the differences between green and red departments will increase. The map will always be adapted to the latest developments.

Unfortunately, not much was announced about tourism at the press conference, the government evaluates the situation from day to day. Just like in other country's. The points below are important for English people who wonder whether France is still an option as a holiday destination this summer.

  • All unnecessary trips of more than 100 km are forbidden and until June 15 the borders remain closed for holidaytrips. This is a European decision.
  • There is no (and will not be) a two-week quarantine obligation for foreign travelers to France. Macron has announced this after reports about this in various news media. Also no quarantine measure will apply to travellers from France to England at this stage (announced may 11).
  • Markets and shops will be open again in all departments from 11 May.
  • Beaches will remain closed until June 2, but in the green departments the prefecture may lift this restriction before June 2.
  • Restaurants, cafes and cinemas are still closed, a decision will be announced at the end of May.
  • The state of emergency (état d’urgence sanitaire) has been extended to July 24, this is a political measure to be able to adopt new measures / laws quickly. This is not to say that no summer vacations are possible until then.

Taking into account the above points, we intend to open the campsite on Friday, June 5, 2020. Subject to the permission of the government and the municipality of course. From that date we think we can receive guests again. Due to the travel restriction, this will initially only be French guests. But from June 15, we hope that the borders will be open again and that English guests will also be able to enjoy the peace and nature here. The adjustments on the campsite have been made →

Apart from these points, we would like to add something else. Here in the Haute Vienne, on average, only 10 people live per square kilometer. We do not know mass tourism. For example, you do not often meet people during walks, and it is never very busy on the beach or on the water. This is also one of the reasons for guests to spend their holidays here. Nice and quiet and lots of space. This makes it relatively easy to follow the social distance guidelines. If traveling will be possible again, this will be an excellent place to spend your holiday. But .. we are of course not entirely neutral;)

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Mike & Marian