foodtruck formidable

Foodtruck Formidable



After the many positive reactions to last season's homemade pizzas, there is a real food truck at the campsite this year. Well, actually it's a food caravan ;-) Chef Richard will prepare a takeaway three times a week with his experience from the cooking school and a good dose of energy.

Besides the takeaway meals, you can also enjoy various snacks such as panini toasties, poffertjes or ridiculously tasty (super healthy) smoothies.

ps. Rather have a nice dinner together on the terrace at the beach? Restaurant La Locale du Lac is open from the beginning of June until the end of the season.

chefkok Richard

Kebab + Dessert

Our kebab sandwiches (pitas) are Greek and come from Marseille!

  • Pita kebab L

    Greek sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, fried onion and 200g kebab. The homemade garlic sauce makes it complete.
  • Oreo dessert

    A homemade dairy dessert with pieces of Oreo and a fresh twist.

10,- / pita+dessert


A complete meal with your caravan, tent or motorhome. All you need to do is pour a drink. Bon appetite!

  • Mediterranean stew

    With veau de Limousin (veal), various vegetables, among others. bell pepper, onion, tomato, zucchini, carrots and a dash of white wine.
  • Garlic baguette

    The stew is served with fresh baguette and herb butter from our own kitchen.
  • Brownie-cheesecake

    As a worthy closing, a homemade brownie according to Jamie Oliver's recipe with a cheesecake topping. Pure indulgence, be careful not to eat your fingers!

12,50 / portion

Soirée pizza

We purchase the crispy bottoms (30cm) of our pizzas, but otherwise the pizza is freshly topped and baked in the stone oven in a few minutes. This keeps the bottom nice and crispy and all ingredients full of flavour.

  • Pizza Mozzerella

    Tomato sauce, tomato pieces, Mozzarella, pesto, topping with 3 types of cheese (Emmental, Mozzarella, Maasdam).
  • Pizza Chèvre

    Tomato sauce, goat cheese (Ferme de Fantouillet Bujaleuf), walnuts, honey, topping with 3 types of cheese (Emmentaler, Mozzerella, Maasdam).
  • Pizza Chorizo

    Tomato sauce, chorizo, bell pepper, onion rings, sheep cheese, topping with 3 types of cheese (Emmentaler, Mozzerella, Maasdam).
  • Pizza au Thon

    Tomato sauce, tuna, onion rings, chili sauce, topping with 3 types of cheese (Emmentaler, Mozerella, Maasdam).
  • Pizza Kebab

    Tomato sauce, kebab meat, bell pepper, onion rings, garlic dressing, topping with 3 types of cheese (Emmental, Mozzerella, Maasdam).

10,- / pizza


This is how you can order

Because the chef likes to know in advance how many people he has to take into account, you can place your order at the reception until 3 p.m. on the day at the latest. For the stew, that is a day earlier, namely before 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

We will then agree on a time when the order will be ready for you. We pack pizzas and sandwiches etc. neatly for you, for the stew please bring your own pan to the food truck. Merci en avance.